Is Chalk Paint Good For Kitchen Cabinets? (Explained)

A tin of country grey Annie Sloan chalk paint

Is Chalk Paint Good For Kitchen Cabinets? Yes, chalk paint is good for kitchen cabinets! Chalk paint offers a unique textured matte finish that is perfect for cabinets. However, it is important to consider the material of your cabinets and to be aware that the process can be time-consuming and costly.

Are you a DIY painting fan wondering if chalk paint works well on kitchen cabinets? Yes, you can use chalk paint right on your kitchen cabinets. It’s a perfect option to paint those cabinets with minimal payout, straight away, and with ease.

Chalk paint lets you leave out a lot of work involved in upgrading a kitchen, like sanding and priming. So, how can you use this paint to give your kitchen a new look? Worry no more!

This article will cover the key considerations, the steps to follow, and more to help you get started.

Let’s dive in!

What’s Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a unique paint finish that features a chalky look when sprayed on a surface. Annie Sloan (a British crafting expert) is the original creator of this paint finish. She created it after realizing the market never had a paint that didn’t involve sanding.

Annie’s invention opened the way for many other firms offering the same product. Also, the internet has several instructions on how to make DIY versions of this paint.

But don’t confuse this stain with the chalkboard paint. The chalkboard stain creates a finish that you can mark with chalk. In reverse, chalk paint lends surfaces a chalky look and appearance.

Once the chalk stain dries up, DIYers often attach the surfaces with finishes and waxes. They do this to give the surface a vintage feel, seal it and make a patina.

In general, chalk stain can work with any house decor style. You can rely on this spray to add a rustic finish or solid colour to your item.

Can You Use Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, chalk painting those kitchen cabinets is a good step to take. This paint goes well with surfaces, and it doesn’t chip. As a result, chalk paint is worth your consideration because it ticks the two features of good paint.

Also, the paint’s textured matte finish is another feature that makes it the best for cabinets. Moreover, chalk paint comes from most non-toxic and low-VOC brands. This property makes it the perfect option for your kitchen setting.

Key Considerations Before Painting Kitchen Cabinets With Chalk Paint

Kitchen Cabinet Material

Are you still worried if chalk paint can go well with that kitchen cabinet material? Hesitate no more! You can use chalk stain to decorate almost any item.

But you may consider sanding your raw wood cabinets before chalk painting them. Although chalk stain can adhere well to wood furniture, smoothening it before any step is the preferred option. So make it a priority instead of considering it after the painting process.

Also, consider applying more paint coats if you have dark kitchen cabinets. Prepare over two coats of white paint (if that’s your choice) to cover those dark colours to the fullest extent.


Chalk paint needs you to dig deeper into your pocket than regular paint. But this also depends on the hardware shop you choose when buying the paint. Remember, you also need to buy other things when undertaking this project.

For instance, you may need a brush. But you can avoid it and use a paint sprayer if you don’t want brush marks. Also, you may need a sanding device or sandpaper to give your cabinets a more stylish look. Moreover, you’ll have to spend on the brushes and wax to give the cabinets a wax/protective finish.


Chalk painting those kitchen cabinets seems to be a laborious exercise. First, you’ll have to prepare the kitchen cabinets by removing all the available objects. Also, you’ll need to clean those cabinets to ensure dirt doesn’t disrupt the smooth finish.

Wood kitchen cabinets require you to set aside time and sand each area you plan to stain. Also, darker kitchen cabinet materials will force you to brush on several paint coats. Using lighter paint will also demand this process.

Moreover, using custom colours will force you to combine chalk paint. But this will involve a few tests and mistakes. Also, include the waiting time between chalk paint coats. Then you’ll spend more covering the paint with wax coats to make it more durable.

A kitchen painting exercise can take weeks, based on the number of cabinets you plan to paint. So, prepare well before starting the process.

How To Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Safety Precautions

Ensure you wear safety equipment before starting the process. You’ll need to wear goggles and a protective face mask to protect yourself from toxic fumes and fine particles. Also, wear gloves to ensure your hands remain free from the paint splatter mess.

Required Supplies

  • De-greaser
  • Chalk paint
  • Chalk paint brushes( large, small & medium)
  • Sandpaper
  • One-inch and two-inch form brushes
  • Polycrylic
  • Sanding block
  • Painter pyramid stands (each door needs four)


  • Remove each cabinet door and mark
  • Set aside external hinges if you have them
  • Remove each item from the cabinets
  • Clean and de-grease each cabinet and door
  • Sand the doors and cabinets before the painting exercise, but this is optional
  • Start painting the cabinet bases and then move to the doors
  • Keep each door off the house ground by using painter pyramids
  • Start painting the doors’ inner sides
  • Distress the kitchen cabinetry once the chalk paint dries up to the fullest extent
  • Skip this step if you don’t prefer the distressed appearance
  • That’s it!

The Pros and Cons of Chalk Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Chalk Paint Pros

  • Minimal preparation work. You don’t need a primer application before painting.
  • Water-based. Being a water-based paint means this stain is more flexible than other paints.
  • Chalk paint gives a lasting aesthetic look after covering it with a protective wax coat.
  • Matte finish. Chalk paint gives a smooth matte finish that’s not reflective of light.

Chalk Paint Cons

  • The stain takes a long time to cure. It takes almost 24 hours to cure to the fullest extent, which can extend your painting task.
  • Chalk paint costs more than regular kitchen cabinet paint. Also, it has a limited availability based on your hardware shop.


Hesitate no more! Having your kitchen cabinets chalk painted isn’t as daunting of a project as you might assume. Try it any time and stand in a better position to give your kitchen cabinets character and a rustic charm.